Carpet Cleaning Process - Final Preparations and Cleaning

The Carpet Cleaning Process of Sunbird Carpet Cleaning The Woodlands TX

Carpet cleaning is not a simple "out of the box" service, and has several steps before, during and after the cleaning in order to achieve the best results for the carpet cleaning. Here are the steps done to prepare for the cleaning by the cleaning technician, and then the cleaning itself.

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Preparation Steps for Carpet Cleaning:

Pre-Spray (Traffic Lane Cleaner) Application - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Process

Pre-Sprays to Use Before Carpet Cleaning

The Pre-Spray step is an important step in carpet cleaning. It is required in order to break the soil stuck in the carpet, as well as deodorize the area it's sprayed on. When preconditioning the carpets to prepare for professional carpet cleaning, the technician will spray the main traffic lanes of the rooms with Prespray. There are several methods of application for pre-spray - injection, pump-up or electric sprayer.

Once the main traffic areas are pre-sprayed, the carpet cleaner may use a rotary machine or carpet agitator to rub the pre-spray in and reach deep into the carpet's fibers. Though pre-spray may not be required every time, it does help. The hot water extraction done afterwards benefits greatly from preconditioning, and achieve better results.

Every carpet cleaner has their own secrets to a proper cleaning, and the pre-spray is one of those. Every carpet cleaner may choose a different pre-spray, or several pre-sprays, for every job, depending on the carpets' conditions. There are so many brands and types, and every cleaner chooses the ones which best fit their technique and work.

Pre-spray is just one of a selection of solutions, detergents and chemicals at your carpet cleaners' disposal, in addition to spot removers, deodorizers, protectors and other cleaning products used by professional carpet cleaners.

Pre-Spot Treatment - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Process

The pre-spot step in carpet cleaning is done only to address certain spots which may be stubborn or have more resistance to the carpet cleaning. The pre-spot solution will be applied on the stain to soften it up, making it easier to remove later when the hot water extraction is done.

There are many spot removers, and as mentioned in the pre-spray application section, each carpet cleaner would have a different one that works for him, or even several ones which would be used for different types of stains. There are a lot of stain types, and not all of them will need the same treatment. Coffee stains and wine stains are different, and will be treated differently. In general, we can deal with any type of stain including food stains, fluid spills, pet stains, coffee, tea, wine, oil, mud and other stains which may have been absorbed and dried in your carpets by now.

Pre-Spot Treatment for Stain Removal

It is important to note that stain removers and doing pre-spot treatment does not guarantee the stain will be removed, but it does improve the chances of it being removed. A stain is never 100% guaranteed to be removed, but an experienced cleaning professional like Sunbird Carpet Cleaning The Woodlands has better chances of handling it properly.

Pre-Grooming the Carpets - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Process

Pre grooming is done by using a carpet groomer or a rotary machine (fitted with a special brush) which will agitate the carpet, spread the pre-spray applied before, and also loosen dirt which may have dried deep within your carpet's fibers.

The carpet grooming will also help moving the fibers of the carpets, to allow maximum reach and results when doing the hot water extraction of the carpet. Pre grooming a carpet can have great results if done right, but it can also have disastrous results if used improperly.

Pre-Grooming is Preparing Carpet For Cleaning

Pre grooming is a delicate process, and needs to be done by professionals only. If you plan to clean your carpets yourself, make sure you're using the right brush and the right machine. A carpet damaged by a carpet groomer or a rotary machine might not be restored that easily, even by the most professional carpet cleaner in The Woodlands, TX.

After the preparation stages are done, including pre-spray, pre-spotting and pre-grooming, it's the main service - the carpet cleaning itself, which is done using hot water extraction.

Extract and rinse - Hot Water Extraction - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Process

Once the soil has been loosened, the spots and stains have been treated, and the carpet is groomed it's time for the carpet cleaning itself - rinsing and extracting using a hot water extraction machine.

The hot water extraction will thoroughly rinse the carpet, from top to bottom, and then extract the water with the soil and contaminants from bottom to top and out into the machine's tank. The machine uses water heated to temperatures as high as 300 degrees F (around 150 Celsius) though after running in the hoses the external temperature at the end of the wand is about 176-245 degrees F (80-120 Celsius).

The pressure and heat the professional hot water extraction machines create achieve great results, which are much better than the home machines you are familiar with. The professional cleaners use machines which provide high temperatures and pressure, making sure the carpet cleaning is done thoroughly and removes all dirt, soil, dust, pollen and contaminants found in your carpets. The professional machines will also extract the water out, shortening drying times and preventing damage to the carpets.

Hot Water Extraction Machine for Steam Carpet Cleaning

In addition, using a commercial grade machine, the cleaning company can also clean rugs, upholstery and any fabric item in your home quickly and effectively.

Neutralize & Control pH Levels - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Process

When doing a professional cleaning (whether cleaning carpets, upholstery, rugs or other fabric items) the cleaners use cleaning solutions which should match the pH levels of the item cleaned. If the pH level isn't controlled, there can be consequences.

What is pH level?

pH level is the "potential of Hydrogen" of a material, fluid or any substance, basically. The pH range goes from 0 to 14, with 7 being the neutral pH level (the level of pure water, for example). The levels under 7 are acidic, with 0 being the most acidic. Levels above 7 are alkaline, with level 14 being most alkaline of the range. In addition, it's good to know the each point is a multiple of 10, compared to the lower point on the range. A pH 4 is 10 times more acidic than level 5, and level 13 is ten times more alkaline than level 12.

How to Neutralize pH After Carpet Cleaning

Why does it need to be balanced?

Choosing the wrong pH can be harmful to your belongings. In the better case, your carpet would get re-soiled faster. In the worst case, the fibers of the fabric would be completely destroyed (and then a discoloration would appear, or they would dissolve altogether).

How do you balance the pH?

Most soils absorbed in carpets are comprised of oils, dust and dirt which are on the acidic side of the pH range. To clean an acidic surface, it would be required to clean it with an alkaline substance, which would contradict the acidity and "neutralize" the pH levels. In accordance with this example, if there are stains or other substances in the fabric, there may be use of other materials for cleaning as well, to neutralize the pH levels.

But using the alkaline substance isn't enough. Since now the carpets are alkaline, and the acidic parts were neutralized. Here, the hot water extraction comes in handy - when done right (and the extraction power is sufficient) the alkaline substances will be extracted as well as the acidic substances, leaving you with neutralize carpets which will stay clean for longer periods.

In addition, a correct balance of the pH levels would help dissolve stains and may assist with the Post Spot Treatment.

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There are also several steps done after the cleaning is done, and you can read all about it here: Carpet Cleaning Process - After the Cleaning Treatments and Inspection.

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